Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you check my malfunctioning remote control?

Since we have an appropiate receiver for each offered remote control we can easily check your remote control. The check is free of charge but shipping fees for returning are on charge of the customer.

2) Do you repair my remote control?

In general repairing remote control does not make any sense due to economic reasons. However, ask for the costs of a repair via email if the new remote control costs more then € 75.00, especially in case of Ansonic remote controls. Do not forget to provide us with all known data, e.g. type, frequency and so forth.

3) Why does my remote control just work sporadically?

- The reason herefore might be a loose battery contact especially in case of 9 volt block batteries. Simlpy bend the battery contact cautionsly back.
- If the radio range gets worse, insert a new battery at first. If the radio range does not improve the antenna is probably defect due to a fall.
- In particular troubles are known with the former very often used 27 MHz frequency. This frequency is very susceptible to other transmitters like babyphones, microwaves, amateur radio signals and so on. Only changing the transmitter frequency to nowadays used frequencies like 433 MHz or 866 Mhz will lead to a permanent good radio range.

4) How do I improve the radio range of my remote control?

Sitting in a car you might get a better radio range by simply pressing the remote control against the A-pillar (between windsreen and left front window). Changing the position of the antenna cable of the receiver -e.g. upright to any fluorescent tubes - might lead to better results. Never change the length of the antenna cable.

5) Why does my new remote control not work?

- Make sure that the new remote control was coded correctly like described in the attached programming manual.
- Your receiver is malfunctioning. If possible check this by means of another remote control.
- You ordered the wrong type or frequency. Please check your order again.

If you need any help or advice do not hesitate to call us or send us an email.